Important Message on current Legislative Issues

Recently, NAPS requested its members contact their elected officials regarding protecting CSRS employees from increases in premiums they face starting in January 2017. The letter to send in can be found here. These retirees will see an increase of 10 percent in their Medicare Part B premiums. At this time when members of Congress and the Administration are looking at federal and postal employees’ benefits as a means to reduce government spending, it is vital that we protect all hard working civil servants. Please work with your fellow members to make sure this message gets out. NAPS’ legislative goals are only as strong as its members’ voices. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or at 703-836-9660. Thank you for your support!


Katie Maddocks
Legislative Representative & PAC Manager

Spread the word to your postal friends as well as retirees.  Wish we could get 10% on our PFP!!  Health insurance rates have also gone up this year.  These large increases need to stop.    Time to start thinking about LTS.  I’m pleased to inform everyone that Branch 146 is sending 10 people this year!  We keep trying to be heard up on the Hill.  It will be a tough year, however, there is power in numbers and also $$$$.  Remember to promote SPAC at your branch meetings!  Happy Holidays to everyone!  Thanks for all you do!

Ann Strickland
Florida State Legislative Director